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Ownership Disclosure

The physician who has referred you to the Surgery Center at Lutheran may have a limited investment in this facility and therefore, may have a “significant beneficial interest” in referring you to us.  You are free to choose another facility in which to receive the services that have been ordered by your physician.

B. Andrew Castro, MD                                 Robert Kawasaki, MD

William Ciccone, MD                                    David Bierbrauer, MD

Matthew Paden, DPM                                 Joseph Hsin, MD

Brett Sachs, DPM                                        Thomas Mann, MD

Gregory Still, DPM                                       Tracy Wolf, MD

Tom Eickmann, MD                                     Daniel Ocel, MD

Fredric Zimmerman, DO                              Ian Weber, MD

Jennifer Grube, MD                                     Daniel Possley, DO

Michael Johnson, MD                                  Lauren MacTaggart, MD